This poem was inspired by a comment from poet, Robert Okaji ( about my poem, To That Girl

Is it good to remember who we were,

does memory have an age?

To remember times when we were young,

returning youth to doting stage.

How can a memory be old,

Stuck in the age when it unfolds?

Memory is time’s mirror,

Reflecting images lost in years,

Distorted thoughts,

A fairground terror .

23 thoughts on “Memory

  1. I was an aspiring folk musician back in the day. Later became a teacher and then a publican. (I think the first may well have influenced the second).
    Now writing full-time. Mainly articles for local rags..Working on several bits and pieces. I’d better get my skates on.

  2. Memory may be like a funhouse mirror, reflecting images that might not correspond with reality. But then again, which reality is truer? My father remembers events from eighty years ago with much greater clarity than what happened last week. 🙂

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