I Have Answers

, cornucopia of images, deluge of thoughts, economy of words

O at the Edges

I Have Answers

But the questions remain.

A little pepper, some salt,
butter. Our rosemary needs pruning
and the music’s too loud

to hear. The lizard basks in sunlight
eight minutes old, but I forget to ask

what else we need. Or want. Just this,
she says. Red, like your favorite sky,

the in-between, the misplaced one.

“I Have Answers” is included inFrom Every Moment a Second, which will be published by Finishing Line Press this fall. The publisher has informed me that the publication date has been pushed back five weeks, which suggests a mid-November release.

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This poem was inspired by a comment from poet, Robert Okaji (https://robertokaji.com/) about my poem, To That Girl Is it good to remember who we were, does memory have an age? To remember times when we were young, returning youth to doting stage. How can a memory be old, Stuck in the age when it…Read more Memory