Stumbling, stuttering, falling, to shatter those dreams and desires that haunt my half woken hours of that auspicious night when I touched you, a brush, a glance, no matter for, turned outside in, the sky became the path I trod and tread, painful reminder of all those days, in bed, alone, unrequited.


You hung a stone in moonlight you prayed for souls, removed but wandering the world one night , beloved 
 This is a night of praise for the mortal and the dead, one night they meet their fate to greet 
  beginning, not ending, with ghouls and dancing demons, a vestige of remains, to the party,…Read more Samhain

No Flake Now

This spell will eventually break, he said, clicking his heels and waiting. Nothing. It sure is a long way to Kansas and you’re no Dorothy, Senator Flake. And what a name? No misnomer, wear it with pride, It bears now the stamp of those words of enduring values that last for as long as men…Read more No Flake Now

Nostalgia Avenue

A rattle of skeletons  live in my closet. it doesn’t bother me, they were companions from my past, a memoir in a scrapbook, a reminder we cannot forget, to bring to life, to live, to love. I like to take them out and walk with them down Nostalgia Avenue and Memory Lane, recall old friends …Read more Nostalgia Avenue

About Time to Die

when I die Don’t bury me To rot and mould In history’s demise No, wrap me in A blazing pyre To spark and fire With fury, burning Outrage at the tides A’turning Fools’ churning, Hate, unwarranted Rivalries taunted Fools undaunted Dick size threats Unleashed, Truth diminished Into tweets or sound bites, Don’t ask me To…Read more About Time to Die

What Should I Have Done?

What should I have done? Shamed to say I didn’t know We saw you run through the hotel lobby Head down, distressed and angry My first thought was, there goes my night On the town with friends from work You didn’t say, you wouldn’t, couldn’t But your day was done, the rodeo ridden You’d sing…Read more What Should I Have Done?


When you rise, wipe your eyes, feed your kids, drop them to school, when sleep is what you crave, to curl up in a grave, where no sound can reach, no hurt can breach, and nothing is nothing but blissful, painless sleep, there's no bill unpaid  and you're holding no-one back, because you look worn…Read more BRAVE


Pic: that's me in the middle, as Miss Jury's Inn, judge for the night of a gay fancy dress party. He couldn't resist but he tried, giving in would mean submitting to their demands, too willingly. OK, it wasn't all bad, some of these girls liked submissive men. Still, their demands seemed extreme, even by…Read more SUCCUMB