What Should I Have Done?

What should I have done? Shamed to say I didn’t know We saw you run through the hotel lobby Head down, distressed and angry My first thought was, there goes my night On the town with friends from work You didn’t say, you wouldn’t, couldn’t But your day was done, the rodeo ridden You’d sing…Read more What Should I Have Done?



When you rise, wipe your eyes, feed your kids, drop them to school, when sleep is what you crave, to curl up in a grave, where no sound can reach, no hurt can breach, and nothing is nothing but blissful, painless sleep, there's no bill unpaid  and you're holding no-one back, because you look worn…Read more BRAVE


Pic: that's me in the middle, as Miss Jury's Inn, judge for the night of a gay fancy dress party. He couldn't resist but he tried, giving in would mean submitting to their demands, too willingly. OK, it wasn't all bad, some of these girls liked submissive men. Still, their demands seemed extreme, even by…Read more SUCCUMB


  Cloaked in silence, enveloped by a cloying gloom, Death stood in the Great Hall's cavernous doorway, waiting. For what or for whom, he wasn't quite sure? In fact, death's whole day had been one catastrophe after another, the chemical plant's toxic spill, the motorway pile-up and now a mystery corpse.

The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About

It’s strange how some things really catch on and go viral and others don’t. These days, nothing quite makes a story blow up — no pun intended — like the president’s fixation with it. That’s why it’s so peculiar that what sure looks like an attempted terrorist attack was narrowly thwarted at an American airport…Read more The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About