AI: Scary for the Right Reasons

Just as brokers are claiming Artificial Intelligence is as important for the future as the discovery of electricity has been for the 19th and 20th centuries, philosophers, physicists and tech leaders are warning us to consider the implications. This is a REBLOG from Medium's Hackernoon thread. By Vinod Khosla Medium: Hackernoon Artificial intelligence, AI, has…Read more AI: Scary for the Right Reasons



  "Recreate? That's ridiculous. No, it's outrageous in its messianic arrogance, I mean, the sheer self obsession and megalomanic craziness of it. We could emulate or copy, even attempt to repeat but recreate? I don't think so, my friend." The P.A. sighed,  a great actor but a pain in the ass.  

You are already Living in a Computer

Futurists predict a rapture of machines, but reality beat them to it by turning computing into a way of life. Suddenly, everything is a computer. Phones, of course, and televisions. Also toasters and door locks, baby monitors and juicers, doorbells and gas grills. Even faucets. Even garden hoses. Even fidget spinners. Supposedly “smart” gadgets are…Read more You are already Living in a Computer

Reading rewires your brain

Fitness headlines promise staggering physical results: a firmer butt, ripped abs, bulging biceps. Nutritional breakthroughs are similar clickbait, with attention-grabbing, if often inauthentic—what, really, is a “superfood?”—means of achieving better health. Strangely, one topic usually escaping discussion has been shown, time and again, to make us healthier, smarter, and more empathic animals: reading. Read more


Guest writer vibe, Rocco Terrinoni and Conor Stephens. Spontaneous, uninterrupted prose from two young lads with talent . Here's what I said, write me a story. Five minutes later they gave me an answer. It sizzles, it pops, it skin burns like a roasting chimney. Mum burns the sausages to crisp, my brother shouts but…Read more BARBECUE

Even Racists Got the Blues

Straight to the chase, the Geeky Gaeilgeoir nails fools who take things literally

The Geeky Gaeilgeoir

OK…I have to say that, most of the time, I feel a little bit sorry for people who make horrendous translation mistakes. This is not one of those times.

This pic came across my desk about nine months ago, and it may just be the worst example of a self-translation disaster I’ve ever seen. 

In fact, it’s so bad, and so out of context, that most of my Irish-speaking friends had no idea what this person was trying to say with those three Irish words: “Gorm Chónaí Ábhar.” It’s beyond gibberish. It even took me a few minutes.

The sad thing is, in order to “get it,” you need to be familiar not only with the ways in which people make translation mistakes (which are legion), but also with a particularly unpleasant segment of U.S. politics.

What this person was trying to say, with this mess of…

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  He couldn't resist a person wearing a hat. He followed them, imagined himself speaking to them, opening doors, ordering food, buying them gifts, sharing jokes and telling secrets. Then he killed them, wore their hat. That's how he got caught, the yellow bowler was too obvious. Obsession? He preferred penchant.