When lifting my foot was a pain
the coach said soak it up,
put weight on your other foot
fight through the soreness

Now lifting my foot is a daily torment
to bear amongIMG_3943 a multitude of indignities
as ache becomes a companion
not to fight or soak

But a daily reminder
I’m still alive,
a welcome partner
in a daily struggle

The pace of age can’t be gauged,
except in hairlines, waistlines,
sagging pants
and gasps for a share of air to breathe

Getting old is a conversation piece
a ploy to compare the wounds
of war and life, the daily struggle
how the young ignore and never learn

The lessons we should’ve taught them
but forgot, while we were burning bright
like them. The only school we know is life
and experience is a tough reminder.

Ruthless disregard, disrespect
and competitive drive,
the angry truths revealed in senescence
time to value, too old to use.

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