Recreate? That’s ridiculous. No, it’s outrageous in its messianic arrogance, I mean, the sheer self obsession and megalomanic craziness of it. We could emulate or copy, even attempt to repeat but recreate? I don’t think so, my friend.”

The P.A. sighed,  a great actor but a pain in the ass.


3 thoughts on “RECREATE

  1. I might be misunderstanding your blog, but I think we recreate by refreshing ourselves after a hard days work, a serious sport that has warn you out. I looked the word up in the dictionary, before I wrote my blog.

    • The point here is the hubris of performance and stardom. An actor is asked to ‘recreate’ a performance from a previous scene and then rails against the director’s demand as outrageous and messianic. The irony lies in how ludicrous each sides’ demands might be

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