I like to make a point of replying to comments on my blog posts. It’s only right when people have taken the trouble to read the post in the first place and then go to the trouble of gathering their thoughts and commenting.

So when Soni Chaudhari made the comment ‘soothing……………’ about a recent 50 word story of mine, Elevate , I was intrigued. Particularly since the punchline of the story relates to a conflict of interpretation and verbal confusion.

What could possibly be ‘soothing’ about it?

The mystery was soon revealed when I decided to investigate further and find out what sort of blog post Soni was operating. Was he or she a poet? Was he or she a literary genius who found a meaning in something I’d written I couldn’t grasp myself?

Alas, no, since Soni (if the featured image on the blog is to be believed) is a rather big breasted woman who likes to lie around on sandy beaches. The enterprising Soni, you see, runs ‘the Best Independent Escort Service in Chennai.’

And don’t take my word for it. Check out what Soni’s says about her services, in her own words…

we have a tendency to all grasp the Punjabi women square measure familiar for his or her beauty and sexy curves. Soni Chaudhari  a hot and attractive woman from Chennai escorts. I do my management studies and part-time independent escorts in Chennai, and like to live life as her own terms. Man will fulfill there need by having me on bed within the four walls. I describe myself as a status Chennai escorts to supply a romantic friendly relationship. Folks decide me to pay for a romantic and mature time in their sleeping room. In spite of what the venue is, I’m able to bring the water from your mouth with my easy charm and pure womanly nature.

Ambition, determination and pure entrepreneurial zeal, apparently, are the driving forces behind Soni’s venture. It has the added advantage, she argues, of facilitating her life’s goals to become an independent young woman. And she’s the best, according to her.

I make the essential strides with full validity and love to pass on my organizations with full satisfaction to my associate. As I am an organization understudy my age is 21 years, partner depict me as I am provocative and engaging and extraordinary looks, why not abuse my incredible looks. I comprehended doing escorts is the best way to deal with come up in life as I am a run of the mill understudy and off center no sweetheart’s panga. Live of my own for the headway of my life. My best accessory is my clients, who use the upside of my charming body.

Well, it beats all the Viagra spam and distressed Nigerians who’ve forgotten their PIN number. Don’t take my word for it, read Elevate,

Her naked body gleams in the waning sunlight, the meandering shadows cloak her in an erotic memory, the tricky genie of light casts spells that highlight her sensuous curves.

‘This is a vision to elevate the soul,’ he says.

‘I agree,’  Lurg mutters, drooling.

‘No, ‘ says Bjorn, ‘ELEVATE, not SALIVATE.’

5 thoughts on “Mouth Watering Experience, Guaranteed.

    • Haha, Suze, haven’t heard from you in a while. Yes, that occurred to me, too but I can’t help wondering is she an enterprising entrepreneur or someone misguided by society’s given message that there is no difference between commercial and sexual drive? I find it sad but then I’m disturbed by the suspicion of patronisation.

  1. I think the “soothing” comment did exactly what she intended – make you look. It made you investigate further. I will take you for your words and will not be looking any further into it. I have seen enough of the “enterprise” already. Lol

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