6 thoughts on “FINITE

  1. I suppose it may well boil down to them being put to the test. The same would go for hate as well perhaps. Saint Augustine was once asked a question about the nature of love. His reply was … ” if you don’t ask me then I know exactly what it is. If you ask me, then I can’t exactly say”.
    Take care. Chris.

  2. Some say that there are parameters for measuring love- things like “condutional” and “unconditional” or when you make a contrast between the widely acclaimed “agape” type as against the erotic type. I guess when people ask how much,what they are actually inquiring about is the level of sacrifice that the person in love is willing to make. Perhaps we should all have a measure by which we judge peoples’ love considering how “spinal” the phrase “I love you” come out of the mouths these days.

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