It made my blood boil, yesterday, when I came across a Facebook thread of people joking facetiously about the future implications of AI and robot technology so I’ve decided to repost this article from The Guardian by

  An Open letter signed by Tesla chief and Alphabet’s Mustafa Suleyman urges UN to block use of lethal autonomous weapons to prevent third age of war.

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10 thoughts on “Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots

    • He is supporting it already and it is that sort of precipitous action without considering long term implications that will be the cause of the problems Musk et al are trying to warn us about. There’s a very readable introduction to the philosophy of AI, transhumanism and living with the future that’s worth a read. It’s called To Be A Machine by Mark O’Connell.

      • Alas, for Trump to consider long term implications, he would have to be in possession of all his faculties and have a conscience. Need I say more?

      • Oh no, not at all, but you hope wiser heads will prevail. Remember, these weapons are being built by private companies who will sell to whoever will buy. Give a machine a task, build it to do that task, it will do it. It has no option, certainly no moral option.

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