First of all, a confession. In the past I have posted articles on writing despite not believing you can teach or motivate someone to write, at least not write good material. So the articles I’ve posted relate to my personal experience which is not entirely successful, at all or articles which give some practical guidance to people who write. Then I found this article, Just Write by Giulia Blasi in The Writing Cooperative and thought, this is it.

Enough with the bullshit gurus.

7 thoughts on “JUST WRITE

  1. I agree that you can’t teach talent or motivation, but I have found myself writing little ‘how to’ posts, following requests from readers. I’m beginning to believe that a little bit of gentle guidance is probably quite helpful. Keep ’em coming!

    • Lucy, I liked one of your articles because it was helpful, not motivational. There’s a whole industry out there made up of so called and often self styled ‘experts’ and ‘successful authors’ shovelling crap to gullible people, bullshit gurus, as Giulia Blasi calls them.

    • By contrast with your own experience when people ask my opinion of something they’ve written, I’ve become very reluctant to give it as it might be misconstrued. I have written about the value of criticism and how we can and should welcome it, not take it personal but learn from it. People don’t. The nearest comparison, however inaccurate, might be Trip Advisor restaurant reviews. Anyone can write one but does that make it a restaurant review?

      • This is a great article, there is no shortcut to writing and even being good is no guarantee of success. So much of it is luck, etc… but anyway she says it much better than I can. Whilst I am always happy to try and help anybody, I don’t feel I’m the right person to do so in most cases. I’m happy to write little posts based on my own experience but try to avoid critiquing people’s work for fear of it being counterproductive.

      • The unfortunate corollary to that, Lucy, is that people post as ‘writers’ in a blog and that, by inference and definition, invites comment. Now, unless we agree to define ‘comment’ as ‘motivation’ or ‘gratification’, then criticism has a definite role. Otherwise, the counterproductive element is really the lack of criticism.

  2. I liked the article! I’m a blogging blogger and will stay as a blogger. I love it. Maybe some day I will print them all on three (3) hole paper and put them in a binder. That will be my book!😉

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