A senior Trump advisor, Stephen Miller, sparked a furor last week when he dismissed the famous poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty. In response, The Guardian asked 21 poets: what type of poem would Trump like to see at the statue?

So I thought I'd have a go myself and here's my tuppence worth.


Not like the mighty woman with a torch,

who stood like a beacon of liberty and freedom,

now stands a craven, jackbooted coward,

to welcome the stuffed pursed,

pale of skin and supplicant.

Not for us, the sombre Sentinel cries,

the homeless and their vacant eyes,

nor those who are hounded by repression,

the teeming mass of shadowed complexion,

only influence, degrees and currency are welcome.

13 thoughts on “TRUMP v The Huddled Masses

  1. It’s a shame people abuse, insult, degrade, demean the Statue Of Liberty. 🗽This includes the ones that work for the “President” of the USA.🏛
    They do not work for the people – oh wait a minute yes they do come to think of it!!!! Let’s see if someone doesn’t do their job at a company what happens to them? They are dismissed.🙄😧 People always forget since we have the right to vote, ☺😊we also have the right to “impeach” a person not doing their job correctly at the White House. ☺😊🙄
    Eons ago people coming here from countries that were abused, degrade, etc, etc, etc. They would have smiles 🤗🤗on their faces, feel freedom for the first time in their lives, saw the smile on “Lib’s” 🗽face and felt the love of this country.❤💜🖤💙💚💛
    And Now????

    • Thank you for your well thought response, Hope. This all arose when Trump’s weedy speechwriter, Stephen Miller engaged a journalist in a heated debate over the proposed immigration law. He said the quote from ‘the New Collossus’ was no longer relevant. If you follow the link to The Guardian you can read how 21 top poets responded to Miller’s remarks.

  2. The statue was a gift from France. I’ve been saying for years that it should be given back to France as they have failed to live up to its message! I am so grateful each day that I left when I did. Thanks for the post.

    • Funny thing about this post, although most of my posts receive only moderate responses, this has fared far worse than others. After Stephen Miller’s row with a journalist over the proposed new Immigration law, The Guardian invited a collection of poets to write what they thought Trump would rather have at the foot of the statue. I misinterpreted this slightly and my first verse doesn’t fit the brief, so I rewrote it last night.
      We don’t like the mighty woman with a torch,
      she was ok when we were starting,
      but now we need something manly,
      not someone in a skirt,
      A sentinel to protect us bigly.

      • That works well. However, I stand by my thought that the statue should be returned to France and as the ship/s have to cross the ocean both ways, how about a ship of guillotines? The address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. and no, Trump is only part of the problem. I don’t defend him. The man is indefensible. But there are so many that need to be held accountable. Thanks again.

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