Wild Sea Waves

In Dublin I knew a woman, with flax golden hair Tressed like wild sea waves, her heart, her voice was Irish, her name, her vibrancy were Viking. She was Dublin. We lived, together, in The Liberties while both of us sought freedom, she, from youth and I, from bondage. The Viking Wall is behind my…Read more Wild Sea Waves


There are, according to Eddie Cochran, three steps to Heaven, which is a comforting thought when you consider the Irish aren't sure how many steps there are to Hell. Ask any Dubliner where you'll find the 40 Steps and there's a chance you'll be given just as many answers. The most likely candidates though will…Read more Steps

Perpetual Motion

In Dublin, a child’s spinning top was found, remnant from antiquity, the detritus of a Viking city buried by another city. In Baghdad, I remember, a Sumerian spinning top discarded through millennia find light and air amid the chaos and turmoil of war and plunder. Ninety years ago a spinning top was a Christmas gift.…Read more Perpetual Motion

Little John’s Shot

The ‘news’ that Robin Hood’s Little John is buried in Hathersage, Derbyshire (http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/little-johns-grave) will come as a surprise to the people of Dublin, Ireland since the same John Little was hanged  for robbery and buried in Arbour Hill, an inner city area on the north side of old Dublin, close to one of the first…Read more Little John’s Shot


  His movements were never co-ordinate, he knew, yet hated the word awkward. When he moved, he crashed and in a confined space, he wreaked havoc. He loved to watch the swimmers, not their funny suits or the uniform caps, no, they could synchronize . With this illness, he could only cry.  


  Some people can vex and annoy, make you feel antsy, the sound of their voice can be as grating as a cat's claws sliding down a blackboard, they can get on your goat, under your skin and rub you up the wrong way but this was worse. It was visceral. Picture credit: Lost in the…Read more VISCERAL


  Martin knew the procedure. Stay calm, behave normal, answer the questions and present his documents, without ceremony. The commandant seemed affable. He didn't parade like a martinet. Instead, he was smiling, friendly. But as his officers examined his documents, Martin sweated. If they got close, they'd see the blood ooze.