Four sheets to the wind, dressing quickly, grabs the first shirt he can find in the crumpled heap in the corner. Next, trousers, socks and his only pair of shoes, are under the bed. Finally, his jacket is where he left it, behind the door. For a funeral though, disastrous.

7 thoughts on “DISASTROUS – Daily Post Prompt

    • Thanks , Kim. I was once chosen for best dressed man at a race festival despite dressing in the dark and very hungover. The judge who chose me was the top designer in Gucci, Paris and he was Irish. As for me, well, I was embarrassed, particularly when he threatened to withdraw if I did not get the award. It was a Mexican standoff – a journalist who could not accept the award, a sponsor who wouldn’t give it to a journalist and a judge who wouldn’t give it to anyone else but the mismatched journalist. And all that with a hangover. In the end it was agreed I’d be invited to a dinner with the judges and get a bottle of vintage champagne as a consolation prize.

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