Dancing in the moonlight,

the moon, her partner

and stars, the twinkling audience.

She spins and twirls

to the sound of winds,

heart racing,

to freedom’s adventure.

yes, tonight she dances,

beyond the grasp of captors

and far beyond the sight

of those who dare not dream.

Tonight she dances free,

to walk in fields

of favourite flowers,

free to chase the fireflies

and fly in highest skies,

for her soul’s unbound

and free from earthly restraint.

12 thoughts on “Dancing in the Moonlight

  1. A great piece, you allow for so much, giving the visuals, the feel, the direction, without giving the reader notice of what is to come and how it is to end, even though the whole trip, is so obvious when it’s revealed.

    • I’m not a religious person but I attended the funeral of an old friend’s mother in a Catholic church. Someone said the elderly deceased, who died of a crippling form of cancer that left her bedridden for two years, had been a ballet dancer in her youth. So while all the praying was going on around me I composed this poem in my head and wrote it down as soon as I left the church.

      • Life, death, and the in-between, inspiration can strike at impossible moments, and the true grit of a writer, is to twist and turn the impossible into nothing more than a moment of doubt, and the impossible, possible, words are made to be shared, to be communicated between us, and, I’m glad you shared this or my friend.

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