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A friend and I were having lunch.

He said, ‘Here, you know that Snowden guy?’

I nodded assent.

‘Well, have you heard of Forbes?’

Again, I nodded assent.

He proceeded to tell me a story he’d read in Forbes magazine about how Edward Snowden had released papers relating to two meetings with American Presidents that resulted in an alliance with a group of ‘tall white men/aliens’, resulting in the establishment of a new world order, so to speak, controlled by aliens.

I had to research it and a quick search found a whole list of ‘Forbes and tall white men’ stories. They vary, from the original Forbes magazine story to where my friend linked with it.

Much has been written about this alleged alien conspiracy since but check the second website, and the others referred to in Michael Peck’s  Forbes’ article, asserting the stories began in an Iranian government controlled news agency that weas amplified further by its leaked interpretation by the Russian State secret police, the FSB.

So after, I must  admit, a hugely enjoyable lunch that was, by turns entertaining and illuminating and at all times, happily boozy, I went back to a document, I believe, stands today for prescience and wisdom, that knew what was coming but cautioned for reason. That speech was made by President Dwight. D. Eisenhower in 1961, what has become known as ‘the Military Industrial Complex speech.

Now, apart from wondering whether the ‘tall white men’ were mentioned, in code, a la Eisenhower’s speech, I also began to wonder, if you followed this to a logical conclusion, believe no-one, suspect everyone, then you should be checking out Forbes’ magazine and whoever owns it because, what’s the bet they came to a diabolical agreement with the, so called, tall white aliens.

The atomic age began after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It fired the imagination and a heatwave of commercial expansion for American companies. The US became a global player and the alliance of Power and Industrial Expansion assumed new scales hitherto unfathomed.

In this current age, robotics and artificial intelligence are the catchphrases among the cognoscenti and wily venture capitalists with a billion or two to spare. This is the post atomic age that by the rigorous non-rules established by this post ironic age, looks on schedule to destroy itself with the same mallet set it up. Hello, North Korea.

The thing is, this is also the age of conspiracies and hey, between the velvet sheet helmets, the duelling banjos and the eternally evasive Big Feet, there’s fun to be had, just watching.


  1. I just love a good conspiracy theory. The aliens that assisted the Nazis couldn’t have been all that, they lost the war. But if conspiracy theorists want to tell me that America is controlled by other beings from another planet, well, right now I could probably believe that.

  2. Nothing on the news is true or what is written for that matter. People who tell the truth die. And there is a conspiracy, in plain sight but we spend too much living and miss it. Rude awakening coming…

  3. I worked in the nuclear physics dept, UM-Ann Arbor, from 1988-1991 and the dept had several bomb scares. Everyone working in the building were given a chance to leave… I did and everyone else was complacent. People in America lived “free” and felt nothing was ominous. Looking back I see a pattern from that time to America’s 9/11 and beyond. All the big money in America is buying something but time is running out for people to wake up to who ever is brokering deals.

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