Thank You

Thank you, those tiny number of miniscule you who acknowledge my existence , when you can or where there’s fuck all else to do, THANK YOU. I”m really grateful to you because, hey, you amount to the achievement (however minor) to which I’ve always  aspired, to connect to people who think.

5 thoughts on “Thank You

    • Thanks, Andrew, I really appreciate that. Though I’ve spent much of the last three months in traction, I spend my time in resistance, struggling to get out of my constraints. I can see the light in the tunnel and your help and the support of others will help me to get there. I write because I love writing . We must never hesitate to help each other even if what I write is total shite. Please tell me.

      • Hey … hold on a second. First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you’re in traction. … it just means I’ll have to go easy on you. Please let me know when you’re out and about so that I can really let loose.
        NOW … what’s this shit about the “tiny number of miniscule you who acknowledge my existence?” Really? I see that you got 2,499 followers. I just got my fourth follower and I had an orgasim. Two really, but we don’t have to go there … unless ya want to.
        May I ask where you are based out of.

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