Roger the Cat was a highly skilled forensic analyst and moved about in tiny blue plastic bootees, examining, observing, collating and calculating. A tall human committed this crime, he concluded, with facial hair and dirty fingernails. His work done, Roger left, but not before leaving a tiny trace of himself.

Morocco’s Tree-Climbing Goats Prefer Spitting Out Seeds to Eating Them

Having observed these tree climbing goats while on a bus ride to Marrakech and then pondered the suitability of rubbing an argan oil lotion, peddled by a trader in the souk, into my skin, this comes as some relief to me, if not the goat. BY KELSEY KENNEDY SOME PLANTS RELY ON BIRDS or the…Read more Morocco’s Tree-Climbing Goats Prefer Spitting Out Seeds to Eating Them


If you don't know Imelda May, you should. Writing about her makes me dyslexic, I can love or loathe her but I still listen. Ok, I've had the advantage of listening to her, as a teenager, singing back up vocals to bands in Dublin pubs. I watched her enthral a pub of Irish music fans…Read more LiveLoveFleshBlood…Brilliant


While on my way to the funeral of an old friend's mother today and reflecting on death, a poem sprang to mind but I couldn't focus or write, I was speechless. Speechless because of the wanton horror of events in Manchester. Speechless because I can't fathom how consumed with hatred the perpetrators of such an…Read more Speechless


Immobile, leg encased in plaster, climb the 30 steps, ascend to comfort and sanctuary. No time to think or talk, no time to write with too much time. Two months of tv movies and dinners, old books read again. Until the time came, when the leg awoke, became a thousand tiny living creatures, a paper…Read more DESCEND

The Rare Archival Photos Behind ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

While investigating the heinous Osage murders for my new book, Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI I also came to know the victims’ faces, by David Grann One day in 2012, when I was visiting the Osage Nation Museum, in Oklahoma, I saw a panoramic photograph on the…Read more The Rare Archival Photos Behind ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’


via Daily Prompt: Notorious It was exciting to be there at the Paris Omnisport in Bercy. Even getting there was fun, the five of us, arriving late, checking in before taking the Metro because it was rush hour and we were late already. 'Five tickets for Bercy,' our guide asked, in English. The ticket attendant…Read more NOTORIOUS


Ten people attended the ceremony, an evening meal in summer sunshine. Some drank wine, others, water. A warm, summer breeze blew through the windows, eight of them in this peculiar room that hung suspended over the river, flowing below. Incense burned but there was no solemnity, just curiosity and an underlying note of joy. The…Read more Wisdom


via Daily Prompt: Farce The orange faced buffoon centre stage, gesticulates, his fingers point, effeminately. In the background, bit players, lackeys and yea-sayers smile, grovel and fawn while, in the foreground, uniformed bullies beat the undergrowth.  'Is this a farce?' asks a bemused onlooker. 'Oh no, it's real,' he's told.