Fortune neither favours the brave nor rewards the diligent or prepared when it's always measured in hindsight. To be fully prepared for any venture and anticipate disaster or mishap, that might reduce the chance of misfortune and thereby increase the odds for success. The best result is measured by success.


  Caught with spray can paint and a mask stuffed in his knapsack, James figured the game was up but he wasn't going down without a fight. The magistrate asked what a man with his education - a degree in animal behaviour - was doing spraying graffiti? 'I was marking my territory, Justice'.


  If  public perception of reality has been distorted by decades of Hollywood movies, fake news, alternative facts, corporate greed and the 21st century's version of a man in a white hat, the superhero, then it's easy to understand why a megalomaniac president and terrorists like ISIS are a perfect symbiosis.


Image: CartoonStock It was a startling discovery that rocked his fundamental beliefs. For ten years he attended this cafe where the coffee's supreme, particularly with a sticky bun, his secret vice. He came for the poetry, of course, but when he realised they spoke a language he didn't understand, it was meaningless.