Hello Darlings, so here I am, it’s 2.30 in Dublin, Ireland and what the hell are you gonna do except listen to great vinyl. If You Can.

I’ve often thought the worst thing about a divorce was the separation from your children but many years down the road and a recent 30th birthday outing with my eldest daughter and I realised what I really missed was my old vinyl records.

Not all of them exist, anymore. I threw a heap of them away because I couldn’t be bothered dragging them around thrift shops and record fairs because I know those guys drag their hands and their eagle eyes over ever inch of vinyl seeking those dents and scratches that, ironically, make them all that more appealing.

So, here we go, a random selection of what I played for myself tonight…all originals, Revolver (The Beatles) , Okie (J.J. Cale), Let It Bleed (The Rolling Stones), Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves (Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer), Troubadour (J.J.Cale), Goat’s Head Soup (The Rolling Stones), Stupidity (Dr Feelgood).

Random, yes, but perfectly blending to my mind set at the time, half drunk, melancholic and revelling in that retro but resonant sound of vinyl, blissful. It’s only when I listen to this music I realise someone sold us new formats, like compact disc and digital music, just for profit, not for quality.


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