OK, so this is an article from Bloomberg, a news service that doesn’t reflect my own political interests but it is well written and makes interesting points about what will soon become a cultural obsession, are we losing the ability to communicate by rational debate?

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, the media has worked itself into a panic about the rise of fake news on social media. Reporters have examined the subject from dozens of angles — profiling misinformation peddlers from California to the Caucasus, analyzing how hoaxes spread, raising red flags about media literacy, and much more.

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump, the First President of Our Post-Literate Age

  1. That is an excellent article. I might start reading that journal on a regular basis. It doesn’t jibe with my politics either, but i like to keep an open mind. Another viewpoint won’t mean the death of me. I like to post long articles on my facebook page. I know no one reads ’em because they’re going ore than 10 words, but i get kind of a twisted kick out of that. Plus, if more people were more willing to read in depth, thoughtful pieces, we might not have orange asshole as our President Elect…

  2. In America, the mainstream media is very biased. Hence a lot of us turn to other sources to get our news. Then — if we are smart and concerned enough — we fact check them. Actually, I find myself reading more now that ever! That is ironic, because this is the world of sound byte. But any thinking person must realize they cannot trust sound byte!

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