Sweet Anticipation


She liked to make careful preparations, precise and aimed solely at the comfort of the customer. For example, she had special napkins made so she didn’t soil the clothes when she was cutting the throats of her victims. T’was the least she could do for them. She got the anticipation.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Anticipation

  1. Ouch…Excellent. It takes a lot to manage a shock/surprise in a 50 word short. Good job!

    (Say, I just wanted to draw your attention to the post I put up today…”less than lethal”, regarding the use of force in N.Dakota. I did some research into those “rubber” bullets and found their first use in N. Ireland with children among the dead…something I’m guessing you know a lot about. I thought you would find my short take on it interesting.)

    Hope everything is great your way!

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