Some words might have the same literal meanings but not mean the same, depending on how they’re used. For example, the story of a legend might be a legendary tale but what is the story of a myth, an account of an untrue story or is it a mythical tale?



5 thoughts on “Mythical

  1. Dang that picture looks like it is MOVING!!!! Does anyone else see this?

    Regarding Myth and Legend — I think (but am not entirely sure) that a Legend is an exaggerated story of someone who could have, but did not necessarily live before, and usually performed some heroic or outrageous action. (like Paul Bunyon or Johnny Appleseed.)

    Myths are stories that come out of a cultural pantheon, and are meant to offer explanations for existing conditions (like Pandora’s Box) or simply reveal incidents in the lives of the gods (like the Odyssey.)

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