Going to bed at night, washing his teeth; standing in the fishmongers where fish, their weight, freshness and value is discussed; walking from the medical clinic and before that, sitting in the doctor’s reception, staring, thinking. Walking to the shop for milk and bread. A writer grinds words to percolate.

4 thoughts on “Percolate.

  1. : ). Nice to see a post, I was beginning to wonder, not worry; Dr. visit and all…..
    Yes, I envision your words bubbling, oozing, and trickling through your mind. Happy day!

    • I’m writing a sci fi story. It started off as a writers’ quote Wednesday writing challenge and I chose a quote from David Bowie’s Starman. That become a 10 part serial. Since then, it’s met and ignored the novella milestone and is now on the threshold of novel status. So I’ve been distracted. This prompt I found useful.

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