Amazon nets patent for mini police drones

Science Fiction writers have reached a crisis point: reality may soon outstrip imagination. As the world of astronomy stands poised for its first head on investigation of a Black Hole, the more mundane reality of insect sized, electronic spy devices may soon be a daily reality and not just a special effects device from the imagination of a Hollywood scriptwriter.

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7 thoughts on “Amazon nets patent for mini police drones

    • What was sold as a friend is fast becoming an enemy. These drones are the first wave or precursor of robot police, first they survey, then they’ll serve summonses, chase fines and bail skips, after that they’ll do the arresting in robot cars and with robot judges.

      • Of course in the UK the State ones will be supplied by the cheapest tender and will tend to fly upside down without warning. Surveillance will be run by a private outfit: (1) there will be a scandal over operatives using time to view people in bed or bathrooms (2) Due to a fault in the software a large number pensioners and people walking their dogs will be identified as security threats

      • I can’t wait until they give them voices and they start telling people to stop wearing hoodies in daytime. And wait for the fashion police drones…’what are you wearing? Have you seen yourself in that outfit?’

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