First, let me ask if anyone else has had the same experience as me tonight? I’ve posted three posts to this blog and each has appeared with a ‘view post’ notice but then disappeared? The freaky thing was mine is the same 50 word story, over and over, could become millions.

This is the original.

All writers worry about the words they write, about whether the spelling is correct, is the word used in the correct context, the shape and form of the words and are they apposite and appropriate? The greatest fear, unspoken, is whether those words, millions or a few, have lasting meaning.


6 thoughts on “Millions – 2fer!

  1. i have been having problems with the comments. every time i click the box to leave a comment it flips to a listing of all posts in my reader from whomever’s blog i was about to comment upon. seems to be a glitch somewhere

  2. ….”have lasting meaning.” This paragraph was beautiful, Dermott. I almost missed this hidden jewel in the treasure chest. Your sneaky!

    Btw… if you took that photo, you’ve visited some interesting places.

    • It’s my rockabilly bar, local, called Thomas House. Both those pieces are 50 word length but because of gremlins, I wrote it three times, having forgotten to copy the original. ‘Millions’, as a prompt, is not too inspiring, so I thought I’d say something about writing.

  3. Sounds like a fun place. I can imagine Thomas being an interesting person. (Is rockabilly a word?)
    I’ve had my own gremlins, so they are busy!
    Have a fun day! Write some meaningful words! : )

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