Millions – 2fer!

First, let me ask if anyone else has had the same experience as me tonight? I've posted three posts to this blog and each has appeared with a 'view post' notice but then disappeared? The freaky thing was mine is the same 50 word story, over and over, could become millions. This is the original.…Read more Millions – 2fer!


Writers worry about words they write, how they're spelled and arranged, their shape, form and meaning but most of all - and this is a secret fear shared by all, but rarely spoken - the number they can write, even if it's millions, that will have an impact and meaning that lasts.


Photo credit: My Pieces -   He couldn't understand what she saw in him, with his hipster beard, his infuriating, post pony tail, knot of hair and a short, back and sides straight out of Edwardian trenches, his plus four style cycle pants and his High Nelly, painted matt black. Because at twenty five,…Read more Ancient