The Lodge at Doonbeg is one of the most highly praised resorts in Europe.

by Thom Dunn (UPWORTHY)

It attracts visitors from across the globe for its scenic views of Ireland’s Atlantic coast and, most importantly, for its celebrated golf course.

Since February 2014, the resort has been owned by Trump International, who scooped it up after the previous owners reportedly became unable to afford the necessary repairs from a particularly harsh winter.

“We’re going to reshape it and make it one of the greatest golf courses in the world,” Trump said at the more


3 thoughts on “Trump is already building a wall in Ireland, and the story behind it is ridiculous.

  1. I honestly do not understand how I can still be astonished at the gall of Mr Trump…but I am. Everyday it seems he does or says something else that is so outrageous it is incomprehensible. And the fact that he has raised his children to think and act in the way he does is mind-boggling at best.

  2. If we follow his trail of his logic, then we are all part of a Washington Establishment conspiracy to foil this honest, plain ol’ guy.
    If this is the case, I want to know where is my sharp suit, fashionable sun glasses and state of the art phone? (And notification of my CIA funded Swiss Bank Account!)

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