Not in North Dakota, apparently, despite the best efforts of North Dakota District Attorney, Ladd R. Erickson who, first tried to charge journalist Amy Goodman with trespass but when that was dropped, said she’d be charged with riot. Is Mr Ladd insane?

By his own logic, Amy Goodman’s hugely effective job of reporting the violent assault on protestors at Standing Rock turned her from a journalist to a protester. Now the riot charges have been dropped. But seriously, WTF?read more


7 thoughts on “Reporting can be a riot…?

    • I’ve been watching the live feed from outside the court house where Amy Goldman and her lawyer were giving an impromptu and celebratory press conference when they were approached by a cop in riot gear, backed by many dozen more and told them to disperse. It’s infuriating. Is DA Ladd (Erickson) insane?

      • I honestly have a hard time getting my brain around any of it. There are so few media covering this event already, at least in the US. It deserves heavy coverage. It is outrageous. Amy Goldman is a brave woman.

      • Her initial tape did get around the world and eventually, all the American networks picked it up. The Nation has a good article on how DA Ladd Erickson figured out if you’re a journalist he doesn’t agree with then you’re a protestor, trespasser and, if that doesn’t work, a rioter

      • The response is grossly heavy handed. American media is being dominated by the Trumpet show or maybe we would see more coverage. I haven’t seen much except on “alternate” channels.

      • Yeah, Trumpet does blow hot and heavy, doesn’t he? I just watched a tape from Minesota of a man being arrested for jaywalking. America’s getting a low rating in the global sanity ladder right now.

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