Reporting can be a riot…?

Not in North Dakota, apparently, despite the best efforts of North Dakota District Attorney, Ladd R. Erickson who, first tried to charge journalist Amy Goodman with trespass but when that was dropped, said she'd be charged with riot. Is Mr Ladd insane? By his own logic, Amy Goodman's hugely effective job of reporting the violent…Read more Reporting can be a riot…?

Tech Billionaires Want to Destroy the Universe

First they changed the way we bore ourselves online, revolutionized hotels and taxis and minor financial transactions, and gave us lightbulbs that won’t switch on if you haven’t installed the right software driver. Now—it was always inevitable—they want to destroy the universe. Sam Kriss Oct 13, 2016 - The Atlantic read more    


  His predicament is like the script of a joke; a wealthy businessman, a politician and a worker are on a plane, the pilot's dead and there's only two parachutes. The businessman offers money to secure a passport, the politician says he has the answer. Problem is, he says, trust me.