As the sun set on Albaycin, Granada, it’s time to get back to Dublin and work.

But before that, one last look and one last night in this beautiful city but particularly Albaycin. This is the view from the Mirador San Nicolas, as the sun sets. Myself and my brother decided we’d take one last night to eat and drink well but particularly, pause for a minute longer to take in this breathtaking view.

As for the food, well my last great dish was a grilled sea bass on a bed of squid ink linguini with a little Andalusian sauce on the side. This was in the Restaurant Estrella de San Nicolas.


It is a nice view and I don’t mean the food. That was good, too.

Getting back to Dublin was a shock to the system. Although I was only away for a week, it was cold. In Granada the temperature ranged between 26º and 28° C, every day. Back in Dublin, it’s a chilling 11º. That’s a shock.img_5056

But life goes on and tomorrow, the writing starts again. But first, the food, so I spent all morning in the local market restocking my food supplies and my fridge. Tonight I cooked a delicious fillet of fresh hake and garnished in with a Moorish and Andalusian sauce made with apricot, almond flakes, garlic, tomato and olive oil. Well, you have to ease yourself into the change. At least all the produce, with the exception of the olive oil, the apricots and the almonds, were Irish.


7 thoughts on “A Dio, Albaycin; Hello, Dublin

      • I’m still reacclimatising but I did get back to writing today and just wrote my first 50 word story in more than a week. And, on the flight home, I saw Papa, a new movie about Ernest Hemingway in Havana that includes the famous scene where he asked a journalist to think of a number between one and ten and when the man said, six, he wrote a six word story and explained the need for brevity in writing.

      • Mmm… sounds like a good movie, Hemingway was probably thankful the man didn’t say, one. Hemingway quote “An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools” means it is probably an interesting movie. : )

        There is something comforting about home to me, I hope you experience it.

        Yes, you are amazing at brevity, I’m sure resulting from your journalism experience. It is a true talent I don’t have. Your new post is very……. dramatic, as usual. Hemingway would probably be pleased. Happy day to you! : )

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