Albaycin, Granada

So here I am in Albaycin, Granada in Andalusia , southern Spain. The weather is beautiful , it’s 28🌞 and everything ‘s tranquillo. Leaving Dublin and going through the security, I was freaked that I wasn’t subdued and handcuffed because I lit up like a Christmas tree. I have two artificial hips so I’m used to it but I forgot to take off the chain around my neck. It’s the sword of Thoth! An ancient symbol that’s part of my family coat of arms but could I explain it to the airport security man who was trying decide if a tiny silver sword, entwined by two silver snakes and a small ruby, could be a weapon of mass destruction? What if, when he asked me, I told him it was ancient Egyptian symbol for the father of secrets, the guardian of magic and the God of all things mystical? Would he arrest me? Would he be smite to the ground with a righteous anger or would I tell him of my plans to set up an Irsh religious group, dedicated to Thoth so we could say, Holy Thoth, Good Thoth Almighty, and In the Name of Thoth, without feeling odd or self conscious. It’s  a dilemma.

Meanwhile Albayzin is the place to be. They play good music. The tapas is free with every drink and everything is tranquillo.

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