Trumpet’s Downfall

Last week, I read a story about Charles Dickens and the names he chose for his characters in his books. That got me thinking what Mr Dickens, himself a campaigner and great philanthropist, would make of the name ‘Trump.’

So I decided to write a Dickensian style story with a character named Trumpet, a bombastic character, a politician and businessman, with an extraordinary sense of entitlement and little regard for the people or the lives he ruined.

Since Charles Dickens first began publishing his stories serialized in weekly magazines that were the ‘television’ of their days, I’ve decided to serialize this story in the next five posts and to celebrate the publication of my 500th blog post.

First, here are links to the first parts of the story, Trumpet’s Triumph and Trumpet’s Challenge.



The final stage of the story, Trumpet’s Downfall, will be published in five episodes.

7 thoughts on “Trumpet’s Downfall

    • Thank you, Caroline, time flies. This Dickensian thing started on a whim but took on a life of its own and has preoccupied me for the past week. I hope you enjoy them. Please check out Trumpet’s Triumph and Trumpet’s Challenge, first.

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