She traded her Hermes because it was common and then when she got a Louis Vuitton, she couldn't go out because every tart was sporting a cheap copy. Her boyfriend, the doctor, wore a blood speckled shirt when he proposed. She knew the price of everything, the value of nothing.  

Trumpet’s Challenge, Part II

Part 2 of a Dickensian style trilogy, The Rise and Fall of Donald Trumpet Esq. ...........................   Five generations of Thomas Wellspring's family grew up on the shoreline of Failsafe . Wellsprings were fishermen, sailors and, for the last three generations since his grandfather, Benjamin, started his business, fishmongers. Indeed, until recent years, Wellspring's Fishmongers…Read more Trumpet’s Challenge, Part II

The Guardian plays catch up

The Guardian Why the internet of things is the new magic ingredient for cyber criminals John Naughton Brian Krebs is one of the unsung heroes of tech journalism. He’s a former reporter for the Washington Post who decided to focus on cybercrime after his home network was hijacked by Chinese hackers in 2001. Since then,…Read more The Guardian plays catch up