Norway plans to kill off its critically endangered  wolf population. Are they crazy?

I love to eat shellfish and scallops are one of my particular favourites. I don’t like to eat them, though because the way they are fished – dredging – is hazardous to other sea life and their ecosystem.  So, when I saw a documentary about a Norwegian initiative to catch scallops, diving and then work to restore and propagate the species in its natural environment, I thought, good for Norway, that’s the way forward.

Which is why it’s all that much more distressing to learn Norway is going to cull 70% of its wolf population, particularly since that population amounts to only 68 wolves in total and they are classified as ‘critically endangered.’ So I implore people to watch this video about the US’s decision to repopulate Yellowstone Park with wolves and the impact that had on the environment of the United States’s largest national wilderness reserve. And when you do that, please spread the word.






20 thoughts on “WOLVES GIVE LIFE

  1. Just saw this on Kate’s reblog and commented Dermott
    It’s AMAZING …. proof that humans are NOT the highest ‘intelligence’ on the planet …..I always DID think there was somthing special about wolves …misunderstood creatures but they’re CLEARLY tuned into Om AND some :):):):):)

    • I had heard this story before and I’ve seen more detailed documentaries about how they settled the wolves in and the reaction of local landowners but the result’s the same. I think it’s a fucking disgrace what the Norwegians propose and they’ll find themselves with the same ecological imbalance as the US found, before they brought the wolves back

      • Very funny Dermott …have you seen the other link I posted to ‘Rationalising the Universe’ blog …..do you remember me telling you about ‘Maths by a Girl’ and her amazing artwork too ….these kids are both VERY clever AND creative ….they are on the way to EXPLAINING Om or ‘Natures Intelligence ‘ …or whatever you want to call it if you ask me:)

      • Am following some AMAZING blogs Dermott …the next generation of scientists, mathematicians techies and engineers are coming up with explanations and solutions to problems ….it’s all going zoom …zoom …zoom
        How to ‘create’ water ..to end drought
        Free sustainable energy for the entire planet
        …….allsorts :):):):):)

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