If Bruce Springsteen Wrote a Short Story Collection…

From Literary Hub, on the eve of the publication of Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen‘s autobiography, they shuffle through Springsteen’s back catalogue of songs and ask, suppose they were short stories?

Presenting New York Times Bestseller, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back

September 27, 2016  By Literary Hub

Though known primarily for his raging, elegiac novels about the daily struggles of working-class American life (most notably the 1979 National Book Award-winning Washing the Sins Off Our Hands, which later became an Oscar-winning film starring Willem Dafoe and Jessica Lange, and 2003’s epic ode to post-9/11 resilience and recovery, Sky of Mercy, Sky of Fear), Bruce Springsteen’s status as one of the country’s most accomplished and prolific short story writers is sometimes overlooked. With the release this week of The Boss’s much-anticipated memoir, Born to Run (Simon & Schuster), we thought the time was right to take a quick glance back at his, to date, only short story collection: Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back. Drawn from a career spanning four decades and almost 300 published stories, the 12 tales that make up this slim volume (recipient, by unanimous decision, of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) showcase, in his trademark poetically dirty realism, the full power and humanity of Springsteen’s sweeping vision of America.

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