She crawls in through the bathroom window, her parkour skills are finely honed. All she has to do is slip out of her jumpsuit into her cocktail dress and she’s ready to party. ‘Hey, babe, fancy threads. You look like a spy.’ Oh, shit, she thinks, my date, ‘Let’s pretend.’

6 thoughts on “Pretend

  1. Dermott, from your comment reply, I’m trying to decide if your post came from your experience watching TV, or if you have ever climbed through a window?
    I liked the post and writing about pretend. : )

    • Oh I’ve climbed through a few windows, sure, who hasn’t? When I write these 50 word stories in response to a Daily Post prompt, I don’t want them to be predictable, do I? They must confuse, amuse and entertain.

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