Sly, the Sloth, busts a move

  Exertion was not in Sly's lexicon, indeed, it was an alien concept, to boot. He liked to hang out and move, very slowly. Now, although a vegan,but not choosy, he couldn't resist the banana leaves left on the trail. So, a skip and a jump, he had them. No-one saw him.

Space art’s star is fading fast

Someone asked me recently why I posted so much 'space related' stuff and well, apart from the obvious, because it's there are it's fascinating, I think for all those reasons but also because for the past four months I've been writing a science fiction novel. But then, I've always loved science fiction, whether it be…Read more Space art’s star is fading fast

Trial & Travesty

Editor’s note – If what is going on the children’s court in relation to the Jobstown Protest is a show-trial, it seems what Seanie Fitzpatrick is getting from our crooked state is a fake trial – with a Jury stocked exclusively by people who have no problem with the austerity caused by the actions of…Read more Trial & Travesty

Elon Musk scales up his ambitions, considering going “well beyond” Mars

Elon Musk talks a great game. I like the cut of his jib, private enterprise colonising space? I thought it was science fiction but it's quickly becoming reality. Musk may soon detail the architecture he hopes will colonize the solar system. Eric Berger - 9/18/2016, 10:45 PM Enlarge / Elon Musk at the Allen &…Read more Elon Musk scales up his ambitions, considering going “well beyond” Mars

Running on Beer n Pizza

Ultra Runner Karl Meltzer Sets Appalachian Trail Record, Fueled by Beer and Candy By LINDSAY CROUSESEPT. 18, 2016 Photo Karl Meltzer, right, was congratulated by Scott Jurek, after breaking Jurek’s record for running the length of the Appalachian Trail. Credit Carl Rosen/Red Bull Content Pool At a time when “endurance running” no longer means mere…Read more Running on Beer n Pizza