In the paradox of social networks, the more cyber friends we make, the less social we become is apt and what seems novel now – human walking services – will be normal tomorrow.

The Wildsound Poetry festival will post a performance of my poem, Social Fretwork ,soon, please look out for it and give me a ‘like’ or, better still, drop in for a virtual coffee and have a chat.The theme was ‘Society’ and with Californian Chuck McCarthy earning $7 an hour to walk humans, it won’t be long before social skills are being taught as part of the school curriculum. Set an example, now. Be a friend.

My poem, Social Fretwork, has been posted on the Festival for Poetry website – – and the Wildsound festival review site – .



People Walker, Chuck McCarthy, $7 an hour


Phone a friend, arrange to meet and have a conversation, even if it’s meaningless.




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