Matin March

Photo credit:   He was fond of a peregrination; early morning, up with the birds, a solid breakfast of porridge and fresh blueberries, pot of coffee and wholewheat toast, then ablutions and evacuation in the thunderbox before traipsing off on foot, across hill and dale, ramble and perambulate but never call it hike.

Lisa Dwan: ‘Beckett made these wounds universal’

A wonderful interview from The Guardian, with Irish actress, Lisa Dwan, As her new play No’s Knife, adapted from a number of Samuel Beckett’s prose pieces, opens at the Old Vic, Lisa Dwan talks to Belinda McKeon about the danger of politicising work for your own ends Lisa Dwan in No’s Knife at the Old…Read more Lisa Dwan: ‘Beckett made these wounds universal’