I thought this was worth reblogging since The Flax Golden Tales now stretch to 13 and the latest addition, One Single Memory is a poignant poem of young, unrequited love by writer, Caillen James.

A book of children’s poems found in a charity shop and a mysterious birthday message, a collage of carefully selected images and coded messages, have found new life here in the gathering collection of stories, prompted by a message left in a book, from Sylvia, the girl in Shel Silverstein‘s song, writing to her ex-boyfriend, to a philanderer, exposed and shamed, a big sister writing to her brother, an infatuated schoolgirl discovers betrayal, a story of international intrigue and assassination, another of a man discovering a girlfriend’s dark secret and a tragedy from her past and the latest, Cath Humphris‘s unusual tale of an impatient courier on her first day on the job, A Lifetime Full of Stories, a poignant tale of loss, longing and regret, The Invitation, a childhood memory of a little girl and her mother and a strange sense of foreboding or Blissobirds‘ contribution about young love, longing and adventure and, in Happy birthday, Scott, a classic tale of young, unrequited love as a young sister gets a crush on her older brother’s best friend.

When Fijay of Blog On! and I first engaged in this project, we never envisaged the interest it would spark. The creative torrent it has unleashed is humbling and I feel grateful and privileged to have a part in it.

So here’s a thanks to you all and an invite, again, to anyone else to take part, have a go and put your spin on the tale of the The Book and the Message.

One Single Memory

To Sir with Love
The Book
Sylvia’s Letter

Happy birthday, Scott

The Invitation

A Lifetime full of Stories

The Treasure

Invisible Boy: Where did you go?

Dear Little Brother

Flax Golden Tales

I Have a Dilemma

Unposted Letters 1&2, Unposted Letter 2, Unposted Letter 1



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