I thought this was worth reblogging since The Flax Golden Tales now stretch to 13 and the latest addition, One Single Memory is a poignant poem of young, unrequited love by writer, Caillen James. A book of children’s poems found in a charity shop and a mysterious birthday message, a collage of carefully selected images…Read more THE FLAX GOLDEN TALES

One Single Memory

Yet another Flax Golden Tale – a wonderful paen to love and memories of lost childhood- from Caillen James

Caillen James -- Author

The pillow fight–

You got that gash

Above your eye

From all the glass.

The gifts you bought

Our toes in sand

And all the times you held my hand.

When we were nine

You’d write those lines

And every year

We’d mark the time.

September breeze

When we were free

Cause we were kids

And we could dream.

Now all that’s here–

Just one Band-Aid

And all the things

We left unsaid.

Our dreams were left

And childhood spent

Cause youth is  when

The Sidewalk Ends.

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Sensitive Bull

  He hated these public outings. Too much was expected of him, he complained and nothing original in it, either. They were reinforcing stereotypes and by insisting on his participation, made him complicit in these nefarious excursions. What this time?  Not another bloody china shop. Bulls can be fragile, too, y'know.

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