Land of the Free

North Dakota Wants to Arrest Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman for Engaging in Journalism . The independent journalist was documenting private security personnel using dogs to attack Native Americans activists. By John Nichols Amy Goodman receives the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the alternative Nobel Prize, from Johan von Uexkull in Stockholm, December 8, 2008. (Reuters…Read more Land of the Free

20 brutal truths about life

20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit Time is your most valuable asset--you need to prioritize how you spend it. NOT MY USUAL STYLE OF POST AND SOME IT I REGARD AS COMPLETE RUBBISH BUT SOME INTERESTING, IF ON REFLECTION, PATENTLY OBVIOUS, POINTS ARE MADE. Source: By Matthew Jones CREDIT: Getty Images It's…Read more 20 brutal truths about life

Cynthia, the spy

The Brilliant MI6 Spy Who Perfected the Art of the 'Honey Trap' During WWII, Betty Pack used seduction to acquire enemy naval codes. by Hadley Meares September 08, 2016 Betty Pack on her wedding day. (Photo: Churchill Archives Center, Papers of Harford Montgomery Hyde, HYDE 02 011/Courtesy Harper Collins) These days the “honeypot” is a popular…Read more Cynthia, the spy

Seeing Things

So, I was sitting at home, flicking through a small book of Seamus Heaney's poems, entitled 'Seeing Things' and, in the strange way these things happen, wrote this story. My story, of course, bears no relation to Heaney's poetry or his 1991 collection of poems of the same name. 50 word stories   Guy at…Read more Seeing Things

Missing Zing

  Police, security forces, media outlets and the general public were put on alert and asked to assist in the search for Zing, reported missing sometime in the 1970s, presumed lost. Zing is described as energetic, fun-loving and lively. You are advised to alert authorities and please, approach Zing with caution.


Photo Credit: A creative writing lesson from the ‘God of Story’ Robert McKee, has taught creative writing for 30 years. His seminars have attracted more than 60 Oscar winners, but are treated with suspicion by many novelists – including Tim Lott. Can he be won over? ‘Thou shalt not make life easy for thine…Read more Story?