How I wonder what you are?


‘I am not little and I certainly don’t twinkle, I’m a star. It’s completely different. And as  for that ‘dwarf star’ thing, what the hell is that about? Just because some Danish astronomer, one hundred and ten years ago, forgot his Thesaurus. Look it up, I’m just a common star.’

7 thoughts on “How I wonder what you are?

  1. With the first two lines, I thought this was going to be a riddle. Inspiration…. Maybe I’ll do a riddle for “twinkle?” Hmmmm….
    You do inspire with your quirky thoughts! : ) New brain pathways I suppose…

    • Keep your mind open to new ideas, certainly. To call them ‘quirky’ is a subjective thing. The daily prompts of the last two nights – plop and twinkle – plumb new levels of banality. Perhaps they inspire ‘quirky’ or maybe this latter prompt has something to do with my ongoing research into dwarf stars?

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