The Cafe

I've found a cafe, near my home, where I can sit and think. It's on a street of antique shops, a tranquil oasis in a city. There are four tables, some high chairs along the right wall. They sell haberdashery items and stationery. There's even two computer screens and wifi so you can rent some…Read more The Cafe

Birth of the BIT

  How the Bit Was Born: Claude Shannon and the Invention of Information “Information is what our world runs on: the blood and the fuel, the vital principle … transforming every branch of knowledge.” By Maria Popova “All things physical are information-theoretic in origin and this is a participatory universe… Observer-participancy gives rise to information,”…Read more Birth of the BIT

How I wonder what you are?

  'I am not little and I certainly don't twinkle, I'm a star. It's completely different. And as  for that 'dwarf star' thing, what the hell is that about? Just because some Danish astronomer, one hundred and ten years ago, forgot his Thesaurus. Look it up, I'm just a common star.'