Loss of Soul

Meet the parents who won’t let their children study literature. Forcing college kids to ignore the liberal arts won’t help them in a competitive economy.
  September 2
Steven Pearlstein is a Post business and economics writer. He is also Robinson Professor of Public Affairs at George Mason University.
When I assigned an 800-page biography of Andrew Carnegie for a new undergraduate course on wealth and poverty at George Mason University a few years ago, I wasn’t sure the students would actually read it. Not only did most of them make it to the end, however, but many thanked me for giving them the chance to read a popular work of history. Curious, I inquired how many were history majors. Of the 24 honors students in the seminar, there were none. English? Philosophy? Fine arts? Only one. How was this possible? I asked. Almost in unison, half a dozen replied: “Our parents wouldn’t let us.”The results were similar when I surveyed freshmen in another honors seminar this spring. This time, I asked how many would have been humanities majors if the only criteria were what they were interested in and what they were good at. Ten of the 24 raised their hands.

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19 thoughts on “Loss of Soul

  1. Common core, the standards being implemented around the US in public schools, move heavily away from literature and focus on “technical” reading. It is appalling, imo. The STEM curriculum is important, but it does not outweigh the need for rich, deep and varied studies in humanities. Great share, Dermott.

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