One more Flax Golden Tale

Invisible boy: where did you go?

Once I spoke your language. Every glance. Your every expression. The subtle meaning behind each word uttered. Your questions — crying for each falling snowflake.

“Is it dying?”

Now you prefer palm trees and sandy beaches. Tropical flowers.

I told you to imagine what it would feel like to be free.

No more rules for fallen more


But you chose to run — to the next adventure. One expedition after another with plenty of detours.


44 thoughts on “One more Flax Golden Tale

  1. God …I can’t believe these ‘Flax Golden Tales’ Dermott ….they are ALL fantastic and very different .
    I say again ….good old ( or young) Heather ….her handiwork did not go unnoticed afterall ….I wonder what she would make of all this?:D:D:D

  2. Hmmmm you’re a tough old boot Hayes …of COURSE you should give a damn .,,it’s a nice thought …and ANYWAY old Heather …a REAL LIVE person and HER imagination …stimulated the rest of us’s …sorry our imaginations …it’s FABULOUS:):):):):)
    And YOU Mr Hayes put it out there:):):):):):)
    a lovely chain reaction:):):):):):)

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