Pic: a lone busker on the highline, nyc/ It was a quiet sunny afternoon in the park. She sat on a bench listening to a busker. A drunk tossed a cigarette butt in his bag. It smouldered.  'Do you know your bag is on fire?' 'No, he replied, smiling, 'Hum a few bars, I'll pick…Read more Melody


Headline photo credit: Kent Easter, at a hearing in Orange County Superior Court, faced professional ruin after he was charged with planting drugs in a school volunteer’s car. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times) Chapter 5 | Read it from the beginning By Christopher Goffard     It was my wife, Kent Easter told jurors.…Read more FRAMED, Ch. 5


  A little over a year ago, Tower Paddle Boards started letting employees leave by lunchtime and offering 5% profit-sharing. [Photo: Flickr user Hairi] Stephan Aarstol 08.30.16 5:00 AM In every office, I've often felt, there are just a few people who do three times the work of everyone else, yet their reward is only…Read more FIVE HOUR WORKDAY