A mystery in six parts,  Framed

She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her?

(Pictometry / Los Angeles Times)

Framed: Chapter 1

the call

The cop wanted her car keys. Kelli Peters handed them over. She told herself she had nothing to fear, that all he’d find inside her PT Cruiser was beach sand, dog hair, maybe one of her daughter’s toys.

They were outside Plaza Vista School in Irvine, where she had watched her daughter go from kindergarten to fifth grade, where any minute now the girl would be getting out of class to look for her. Parents had entrusted their own kids to Peters for years; she was the school’s PTA president and the heart of its after-school program.

Now she watched as her ruin seemed to unfold before her. Watched as the cop emerged from her car holding a Ziploc bag of marijuana, 17 grams worth, plus a ceramic pot pipe, plus two smaller EZY Dose Pill Pouch baggies, one with 11 Percocet pills, another with 29 Vicodin. It was enough to send her to jail, and more than enough to destroy her name.

Her legs buckled and she was on her knees, shaking violently and sobbing and insisting the drugs were not hers.

The cop, a 22-year veteran, had found drugs on many people, in many settings. When caught, they always more

10 thoughts on “FRAMED – LA Times

    • It seems that it is based on an actual case – well written and fascinating (would make a great TV episode) – but there is an audio on the site that starts by itself after a certain amount of scrolling. (I first thought it was a problem with what I was already listening to.) I wish people would let US decide whether we choose to listen or not – really rude, IMHO. At least it’s easy to silence if you are ready for it – and the story is worth the annoyance.
      xx, mgh

      • I am finding intermittent problems with WordPress – seems to happen regularly when they are rolling out some new “improvement.” Certain items stop working, then work again, overwriting my edits with older versions on save, adding codes that make no sense (like stacked “ol”) – stripping my graphics, etc. – truly weird, frustrating and intermittent (mostly).

        I finally sent “the happiness engineers” an email but heard nothing back, and NOW the background on my site is all white vs. the colors that have been set since inception. (They blinked back for a week a while back – but are gone again).

        If history serves, there’s nothing we can really do but wait. I let you know just in case it was something you did or neglected to do. Sorry to have bothered you.

      • I generally let them ride for a bit too, to see if they’ll find and fix – which they rarely seem to do when they’re announcing something new and “improved” no matter what we do. Perhaps it’s theme specific.

        Kate McClelland has complained about missing reblog buttons a couple of times too – but I believe when they show up they work for her.

        Anyway, I got there by clicking on the author’s name – and left a comment here in case anybody else had the same problem.
        xx, mgh

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