Happy Birthday, Scott

Another contribution to the Flax Golden Tales, this time a tale of young and unrequited love, the kind we all know as ‘a crush,’ from serendipitousweblife

Serendipitous Web Life

Dermott Hayes found the birthday card pictured below in a second-hand bookstore book and posted a story with an invitation to anyone who cared to write their version of its history.

Here’s my fictional story….

“What time did you say Scott was coming over, Adam?”

“Sis, I know you like him, but he’s coming over to see me, not you. It’s creepy that you like my best friend. There should be some rule against sisters liking their brother’s friends.”

“Hey, you guys break the rulez all the time, so maybe I should too. Besides, his birthday is this weekend and I wanted to give him something.”

“Look Sis, there’s something I should…”

Ding, Dong… Sis dashed out of the room and thundered down the stairs. “I’ll get it.”

Sis whisked the door open, breathless with a bright smile. “Hi Scott,” she said before she got the door fully open.


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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Scott

  1. Thank you, Detmott, for including me in the fun. I was nervous about writing after reading so many awesome stories around the post. I wanted to do some creepy love anonymous note thing, but it just didn’t feel right. I got the feeling the note was meant to be sweet. Okay, so make the next one scary, creepy fun …. : )

  2. Hi! You have a sweet heart to go with that sweet face! Thank you for encouraging a padawan, oh master Dermott. It looks like your mind is flying with all the new posts, I’ve some catching up to do. Time is a precious gift! My appreciation!

    • Thank you, Serendipity, although that, I’m sure, is not your name unless you’re a Quaker or a Seventh Day Adventist. I like to keep it fresh and post relevant things and, though I thank you for the compliments, I’m not a ‘blugger’ (my word for these incessant blog huggers), I’m with Jack Nicholson on that (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn74wA4qGpA). Writing is my main thing and I will always help and encourage others, should they ask. I appreciate it when people read what I write or post. So, thank you, again.

  3. Lol…. Funny video reference! Yes, I have read your personal posts and comments, and don’t believe that sweetness is the only trait you possess. : ) However it is the only one you’ve shown me, personally. As to calling me serendipity, I would love it! I am certainly spontaneous! Too much… : (
    As usual, you’ve taught me a new word, blugger? (My spell check doesn’t like that word.) hmmmm…..

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