I thought this was worth reblogging since The Flax Golden Tales now stretch to 13 and the latest addition, One Single Memory is a poignant poem of young, unrequited love by writer, Caillen James.

A book of children’s poems found in a charity shop and a mysterious birthday message, a collage of carefully selected images and coded messages, have found new life here in the gathering collection of stories, prompted by a message left in a book, from Sylvia, the girl in Shel Silverstein‘s song, writing to her ex-boyfriend, to a philanderer, exposed and shamed, a big sister writing to her brother, an infatuated schoolgirl discovers betrayal, a story of international intrigue and assassination, another of a man discovering a girlfriend’s dark secret and a tragedy from her past and the latest, Cath Humphris‘s unusual tale of an impatient courier on her first day on the job, A Lifetime Full of Stories, a poignant tale of loss, longing and regret, The Invitation, a childhood memory of a little girl and her mother and a strange sense of foreboding or Blissobirds‘ contribution about young love, longing and adventure and, in Happy birthday, Scott, a classic tale of young, unrequited love as a young sister gets a crush on her older brother’s best friend.

When Fijay of Blog On! and I first engaged in this project, we never envisaged the interest it would spark. The creative torrent it has unleashed is humbling and I feel grateful and privileged to have a part in it.

So here’s a thanks to you all and an invite, again, to anyone else to take part, have a go and put your spin on the tale of the The Book and the Message.

One Single Memory

To Sir with Love
The Book
Sylvia’s Letter

Happy birthday, Scott

The Invitation

A Lifetime full of Stories

The Treasure

Invisible Boy: Where did you go?

Dear Little Brother

Flax Golden Tales

I Have a Dilemma

Unposted Letters 1&2, Unposted Letter 2, Unposted Letter 1



57 thoughts on “Flax Golden Tales…

  1. I can’t stop re reading that Invitation. It’s amazing how with a few words, I’ve been filled a eerie curiosity that almost feels like the emotion of fear. How did that happen? A curious fear?

  2. So much of vivid imagination…
    Can’t help but think about the real Scott and the real intention of the message…

    Am sure more twists and turns to come from more vivid authors…

  3. I don’t normally enter challenges, but when I read your version Dermott and the story about how the book was found and what was in it, it triggered a story in my head. I wrote it there and then.
    I’ve really enjoyed all of the stories and hope other people have a go. It amazes me how many different stories you can get for the same premise from a group of people.
    Anyone hesitating to try it – just jump in, the water’s lovely!

    • Thanks, Kate and yes, the more the merrier. If you enter Flax Golden Tales in your ‘search’ engine or as a liked tag in your Reader, it will open in a category where you could read all the previous contributions either directly from their contributors’ sites or from the Flax Golden Tales composite site. If you write one, just make sure you link it back. I’ll find you.

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